Root5 design musings in Munich

There was a trade show. But then there was Munich. And we are going to stand up and say it, we go back again and again for the design. Galleries, Museums, Manufactum; Cafe Puck, Catra Pura, Suckful. Sometimes we need reminding of the pure loveliness of beautifully designed shops, buildings, stationery, and kitchenware (with a side of Bavarian beer)!

Jewellery in Munich makes a big noise. It plays host to a selection of well-regarded contemporary jewellery galleries (did we ever tell you the story of SE's telling off at the hands of a particularly opinionated gallery owner for visiting Inhorgenta?!) As with all factions of the industry, the 95% rule applies.

David Bielander's exhibition opening however was certainly the other 5%. Beautifully fabricated, clever, whimsical, carefully curated objects really captured our imagination...JP even found a little creature to be her valentine.  

And so to the rest. A picture can tell a thousand stories, so here's a story of our whirlwind design adventure with an appearance from Jeff Wall. From Munich with geometry-love, JP.