Dizengoff Fountain

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In the midst of Tel-Avivian Bauhaus and built on top of the original garden city sits the, now raised, Dizengoff square with its much loved and hated fountain. This city is so design led that the debate is not between Victorian aesthetic conservatism and the new but about Disco versus Bauhaus. Of course here at Root5 we like a little Disco with our Bauhaus...

Beige will kill you, Sue Kreitzman told me so...

Beige will kill you, Sue Kreitzman told me so...

She’s a leading lady in the recent Fabulous Fashionista’s on channel 4, has a multitude of big shows on and is all over the national press as we speak. We are talking about none other than the magnificent Sue Kreitzman. After being famously bad at art in school, a successful food writer with 27 titles to her name and an avid collector of stuff Kreitzman burst onto the scene as an outsider artist.

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we are root5. this is our blog.

In 2011 we had an idea. We indulged divine proportion and called this idea root5.

Simply 95% of everything is mediocre. We wanted to celebrate the other 5%. To create a space for designers and artists challenging the ordinary, making innovative, playful and maverick work.

It became reality with small steps onto the East London art scene, launching our collective at East Pops and Red Gallery.

In 2012, we popped. Up. A Design Store. In the heart of Clerkenwell, right where we first had this idea.  15 designers and artists that represented generations of students and graduates from among others Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art, showcasing new and old work for Christmas.

Jewellery, Prints, Cards, Fashion, Badges many other curiosities left with new and old friends, carefully wrapped, ribboned, stamped and sealed with a neon dot.

In 2013, we were overcome by love. Seasonally adjusted design love. We launched our our Web-Shop, with an edit of limited edition design products, jewellery and badges.

The idea grows. Exhibition. Pop-Up Shop. Website. Facebook. Twitter. Web-Shop. This is the next step. Our Blog. 

What is it about? The other 5%.